Minutes are not posted until they have been approved at the following meeting except for the last Annual Meeting which is posted in Draft Format. The Board is authorized by the Bylaws to meet in Executive Session to discuss confidential matters such as account delinquencies, rule violations, legal, and HR matters.  The Board is also authorized to make decisions without holding a meeting as long as the decision is made by unanimous written consent.  Those decisions are ratified at the following meeting.

April 21, 2022  Regular Board Meeting 

March 17, 2022   Annual Owners' Meeting

February 17, 2022  Regular Board Meeting

January 20, 2022  Regular Board Meeting 

November 18, 2021  Regular Board Meeting

October 21, 2021 Meeting to Ratify 2022 Budget 

October 21, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

September 16, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

August 19, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

August 19, 2021 Special Assessment Budget Ratification Meeting 

July 29, 2021 Special Board Meeting

July 15, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

July 8, 2021 Special Owners Meeting

June 17, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

May 20, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

April 15, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

March 18, 2021 Annual Owners Meeting 

March 11, 2021  Special Meeting by Teleconference

February 18, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

January 21, 2021  Regular Board Meeting by Teleconference

Due to storage space limitations, copies of minutes before 2021 are available upon request.