Listing Agents Info

These are the procedures for listing a unit for sale.  

  1. 12   Real Estate Lock Box Procedure: When an owner lists their unit for sale, the current process for lock boxes is as follows:  Lock boxes are not allowed to be affixed to the exterior of the buildings as of June 16, 2022.
    1. The unit door hardware (lever) may be temporarily modified to a knob in order to accommodate the lock box, but it must be changed back when the use of the lock box is finished. 
    2. Access to the building may also be allowed by way of the callboxes. The listing agent’s last name and phone number may be added to the callbox.
    3. Realtors may not post flyers on unit doors or knock-on unit doors. Care will be taken to ensure that Open House sandwich boards do not block entrances or exits, and do not become a trip hazard.

Please contact our Community Manager, Tom Gish, Jr. at Port Gardner Property Management 425-339-1160 ext. 223 for assistance.

There are no extra storage units or parking stalls.  The condo developer sold those as part of the initial conversion and they are recorded with the County.  If two owners want to trade, or sell their storage or parking, the Declarations need to be legally amended through the Association attorneys at the owner's expense.

House Rules 6.1   Pets are limited to two per unit except for small caged animals such as birds and fish.  Pet weight must be 25 lbs or less.  Whenever outside the unit, pets and service animals must be restrained by a leash...

Declaration 10.1.2, 10.1.5, and 10.3:  

  • Units are to be used as single-family residences.  The minimum unit lease term is 6 months.  Timesharing and vacation rentals are not allowed
  • Home businesses:  Except for the 3 Live/Work units, residents are not permitted to use their units for home businesses that involve visits to the unit by guests, customers, clients, or the public.  

There is currently no rental cap.  That means that the percentage of units that may be used as rentals at any given time is not controlled by the board of directors.