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BOARD MEETINGS  are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Usually in the Everett Library Auditorium.  During the Washington State Shut-down due to the Corona Virus pandemic, the Association will be meeting by Zoom teleconferences.  The zoom meeting numbers will be emailed to owners at least a week prior to the meeting.  Meeting by teleconference is authorized by our bylaws, and by RCW 24.03 the Non-profit Corporation Act, and was reinforced for HOAs by a proclamation from the Governor.  In accordance with the Bylaws, Board meetings are when the Board of Directors conduct the business of the corporation.  The meetings are open to Owners to attend, but Owners do not participate in the decision-making process.  

November 19,, 2020        Regular Board Meeting

 Zoom teleconference Meeting ID: 817 1056 0421  Passcode: 611848


5:30 p.m. Executive (Board Only) Session to discuss confidential Association matters such as compliance violations, hearings, owner account delinquencies, legal guidance, or insurance claims. 

6:30 - 6:45 p.m. Owner's Forum.  Owners who wish to address the Board will be asked to stand and state their name and Unit number.  Each owner will have two minutes to speak.  Once everyone has had a chance to speak, it's up to the Board President to decide whether to allow additional time.  

6:45 - 7:45 p.m. Regular business.



Welcome to our community website!

This site provides a secure forum for Nautica residents (owners and tenants) to communicate with one another through private messages, online chat, or by posting announcements. This is NOT the Property Management website for reporting condo maintenance or management issues.  (See Property Management menu tab for that contact information.)

  • Much like Facebook, residents can send private messages to one another without knowing email addresses.  
  • Residents keep their own contact information up-to-date, but that information is never visible to other residents.  Only the site administrator can see contact information. 
  • Once residents have joined the site, the Site Administrator (aka. webmaster) will be able to send emails to the entire community.  This will help us ensure everyone is informed about what's going on in our buildings. 
  • The site administrator can also post documents and photos, set up events, and take surveys.  Please take the time to join and to update your profile with a current photo so your neighbors will recognize you as a resident. 
  • Joining requires permission and a system password issued by the site administrator.  Once the system password is entered, the owner may set up their profile using their email address and a unique password.  Once loaded, the email and unique password are used for re-entry.

Please note, this free website tool was designed for use by school groups planning reunions.  It has been adapted for our use, but some of the fields in the profile page (like maiden name and birthday) could not be overridden so please just ignore them. Thanks!