Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are residents allowed to have charcoal and gas grills on balconies and roof decks?  Section 5.7 of the Nautica Soundview House Rules prohibits the use of all gas and charcoal barbecues on decks, balconies, and patios. 

Q2. How do I use the callbox on the front door to let someone in?  Your visitor enters the #and your unit number into the box.  That will cause the box to call your phone.  When your phone rings, answer it and identify your guest.  Then on your telephone number pad, touch the number 9.  That should release the door.  You will need to make a request to have your telephone number added to the box.  The system only accepts one phone number per unit.

Q3. When and where are Board meetings held?  Meetings of the Board of Directors are held monthly, generally on the first Tuesday of the month.  To ensure adequate seating and so as to not interfere with the use of the Fitness Center (see Declarations 10.1.6), the meetings are held in the Everett Public Library based upon availability.  Usually, the first 30 minutes are conducted in closed Executive Session in order to review delinquencies and rule violations; to hold 'due process' hearings; or to discuss other legal matters that require confidentiality, see Bylaws Section 3.11.  Following the Executive Session, the 'regular meeting' is open to the owners, but they do not participate except by permission of the Board.  There is always an Owner's Forum at the beginning of the meeting when owners can direct questions to the Board.  The Board is not obligated to provide "on the spot" answers.  Generally, any business that is referred by an owner that requires a vote of the Board will be taken up at the next meeting.

Q4. Can I get a storage closet or second parking stall?  All of the storage closets and parking stalls were assigned to the units by the Condo Developer as part of the original condo sales in 2006-2007.  There are only 68 storage closets to 128 units, and they were sold by the Developer on a first come-first served basis without regard to location.  The developer only sold additional parking stalls to two bedroom units. Not all 2 bedroom units have a second stall.  Sales of storage closets or parking stalls can be made between owners, but they will need to be recorded with the county as an amendment to the declarations. 

Q5. What is the Downtown Everett Business Assessment?  Grand Avenue was added to to the downtown business improvement district by vote of the City Council.  Each year, owners will receive an assessment to help pay for maintenance that is not covered by the City, like cleaning up graffiti, weeds, etc.  The assessment is payable to the City of Everett.