Listing Agents Info

These are the procedures for listing a unit for sale.  Lockboxes are not permitted anywhere outside the building for security reasons, or on the common elements.

5.1.7 Real Estate Lock Box Procedure - When an owner is interested in their Real Estate Broker attaching a lock box to the premises the current process is allowed as follows: a. Lock boxes are to be allowed on the individual unit's door (not a common element). b. If necessary to temporarily modify the handle while the listing is in effect, then it needs to be changed back when the use of the lock box has finished. c. Access to the building will be allowed by way of the callboxes on either the A or B building. d. Programming of the Real Estate Broker's number (or requested number) will be allowed and programmed by the current volunteer. e. Intent to place a lockbox must be reported to the current management company representative. They will assist with any questions to the best of their ability. f. The lockboxes must be clearly marked with the unit number, contact name, phone number and email address (if available).