Maintenance Reports

Date Type disposition
10/28/18  5:57 pm Garage Door 5 on Grand Broken cable - Service has been dispatched.  Door fixed
10/28/18 Light fixture 3rd floor east stairwell A building

Bad fixture.  Scheduling repair person for next week.  We will also address the patio lights and the lights on the front sidewalk.


5:59 pm

Garage Door 4 on Alley Stuck open - Davis Door service called.
12/22/18 Smoke Detector Fitness Center - needs new battery.  Reported to prop mng.
12/22/18 Buzzing noise 5th floor B building - Reported to prop mng. 
12/31/18 Bldg A Elevator Not working - service called.  approx. 9 am
1/17/2019 water leak pin hole leak in sprinkler pipe P2 above stall 27 management has been notified. PENDING.
1/23/19 dumpsters broken wheel on cardboard dumpster reported to rubatino.  They will be out to fix tomorrow. FIXED 1/24