House Rules

The "House Rules" are the rules that govern our Condominium as set forth in our Declarations.  The attached House Rules document is not all inclusive of what is covered by the Declarations document.  There are too many rules in the Declarations to cover all of them in the House Rules, so it only covers the key ones that apply to all residents whether owner or renter. 

Some of the rules that are in the Declarations but not covered by the House Rules document (attached) are:

  • Window treatments must be white, or have a white lining that shows on the exterior side.
  • Signs may not be hung in the windows.
  • No owner may modify or decorate the exterior of the building, or screens, doors, awnings, or other portions of any Unit visible from the outside without the prior written consent of the Board.
  • Carpet may not be replaced with laminate, wood, tile or other hard materials without approval of the Board of Directors.  This is for noise reasons.

House Rules Document January 15, 2012   - superceded, no longer applicable    

House Rules Document June 9, 2016 -  superceded, no longer applicable

House Rules Document, dated June 4, 2019 NEW  effective July 4, 2019

Note: Real Estate lock boxes are not permitted to be hung on the exterior railings.