We need volunteers to help with Committees. 

Welcoming Committee - Chartered to help new residents get settled into the buildings and community by giving an Orientation briefing and tour.  Each resident who attends a briefing receives a helpful packet of information and a bag of groceries compliments of the Sno-Isle Co-op.  The orientation is intended to ensure each new resident has what they need to get settled into the community. 

Grounds Committee - Chartered to help with beautifying our property.  Do ancillary cleaning during the summer months.  Identify areas of improvement in landscaping.  Develop a bird abatement program. 

Communications - Publish a newsletter. Develop and maintain a website. 

Security - Ensure camera and alarms systems are functioning.  Audit garage door openers, and ensure unused ones are replaced.  Re-key the building as needed.  Patrol to ensure exit doors are closed.  Provide security education for owners.